Spar Craic 10km – Friday 17th March 2023

This race at began at City Hall, with approximately 2,500 bushy-tailed runners weaving through the streets of the City Centre and making their way upwards to the Falls, before returning back towards Great Victoria street, up Dublin road and Botanic avenue towards Queens, through the Gardens towards Stranmills embankment with the final 2.75km within Ormeau Park. Parts of the race which were off-road through Botanic Gardens and Ormeau Park.

There was a craic-ing turnout from the Club with a few well-deserved stonking PBs for Suzanne, Stephanie and Karen!

Special thanks to Margaret Beattie for coming out this morning to support us all on route and for collecting race packs on Wednesday.

Aaron Anderson – 47:06

Suzanne Dickey – 49:03 (PB)

Chris Dickey – 51:08

Jennifer Moore – 53:04

Karen Wilson -53:13 (PB)

Erin Montgomery – 55:06

Stephanie Hamilton – 58:25 (PB)

Davina Catherwood – 1:07:07

Wendy Forsythe – 1:07:16